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About Jennifer Burroughs.

Who is she? I am a 30-something woman living in Southern California. Creativist is my business. I love marketing and am a workaholic. I am bringing my digital marketing skills to the world in my free time. Below I have answered some questions about myself that I find relevant.

Do I have a degree in Marketing?

No. I studied International Studies at Baylor University. During college I did further my marketing skills in other ways. The majority of my marketing knowledge comes from on the job experience rather than university education.

Do I want to do this full time?

No. I do not want to freelance full-time. I do enjoy the freedom that freelancing gives me but I enjoy the routine of a job I show up to every day for a set amount of time. I have ran my own business before and I am not ready to do that full time again. Currently this is an after work and on the weekends job for me.

What is my marketing experience?

I have extensive and wide ranging experience in the field of marketing. My first job after college was a marketing coordinator position at a solar company. From there, the woman who hired me and I started our own marketing agency. That solar company became our first client. In the beginning, she was focused on bringing in more clients and I was focused on doing the work. I have done all of the different marketing jobs before I hired someone to take over that work. You can see an extensive list of my strengths and skills below.


Eventually I burned out of owning my own business and 2020 was not kind to business's budgets. The agency I owned closed in 2021. Since then I have been in the digital marketing world working for someone else.

Do you have a dog?

Thank you for asking. I do have a dog. I have a corgi named Django. He is almost 10 years old but still has the heart of a puppy. 

What do I do now?

Currently I am a digital marketing manager at a performing arts center in Southern California.

Is there any work you will not do?

Yes. If I think that your needs go beyond the scope of my time or skills I may turn you down as a client. I do also reserve the right to turn down any client without reason.

A Bit more About Me

As stated above, I have proficient experience in a lot of areas of marketing. I have listed below some of the areas that I excel in. This is not an exhaustive list at all, if you have questions about any of my skills please contact me and I will be happy to elaborate.

Softwares & Platforms

- Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro)

- Microsoft Office Suite

- WIX 

- Hubspot

- Twilio

- WordPress

- Shopify

- MailChimp

- Constant Contact

- Google Marketing Platform

- Meta Business Suite

- Effect House

- Meta SparkAR


- Content Writing

- Search Engine Optimization

- Marketing Data & Analytics

- Branding

- Customer Journey Management

- Marketing Strategy

- Website Development & Design

- Search Engine Marketing

- Email Marketing

- Digital Ad Creation 

- Campaign Management

Want to Know more?

Have I piqued your interest? Reach out to me so that we can start working together!

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