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All About Creativist?

The who, what, when, where, and why.

Who Are You?

My name is Jennifer Burroughs. I am a digital marketer. Creativist is my dream. I hope to continue my creative vision while helping businesses of all sizes.

What do you do besides this?

I work full-time as a digital marketing manager for a performing arts center in Southern California. I also am a dog owner and Xbox enthusiast.

Is it just you?

Yes. I am a one woman machine. I have experience in all areas of marketing. I have done every job before I have hired someone to do it.

Do you have a portfolio?

It is in progress. I am getting permission from former clients to display their work here on my website. You can reach out about specific work experience if you have any questions. I can provide more information via email or text.

What is your experience?

I list my experience on my 'About Jenn' page. You can read it there!

Why do you do this?

First and foremost I want to work for your money. But beyond that I truly enjoy the entire realm of digital marketing. I know that I have needed, desireable skills and that I can help businesses doing something that brings me joy.

The diverse range of services is tailored to meet your every marketing need. Curious for more? Explore a plethora of other exciting services available. Let's turn your visions into vibrant realities!

Creativist takes pride in its commitment to transparency when it comes to pricing. I provide a clear list of prices for our most frequently requested services, ensuring that you have a straightforward understanding of the costs associated with my services. I aim to empower you with the information needed to make informed decisions for your marketing needs.

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